Dr. Ahmed Altunji

Specialist Urologist

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  • Credentials

    Master of Science in Medicine Degree in Urology (1988-1992)
    General Practitioner in Faculty of Medicine Aleppo University, Syria MD (1982-1987)

  • Professional Experience

    • Urology Surgeon at Al Razi Hospital – Syria
    • Specialist in Urology Department at the Aleppo Private Hospital
    • Worked in other reputed hospitals such as Al Hekmah Hospital, University Hospital; Al Kindi Hospital, Ibn Rushed Hospital and University Hospital

  • Areas of Expertise

    • Men’s Health (Urological disorders)
    • Shockwave Therapy Treatment
    • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/STIs)
    • Prostate Inflammation/Infection/Prostatitis (medical treatment and prostate massage)
    • Prostate Enlargement
    • Male Infertility
    • Congenital Penile Curvature (Surgical Treatment)
    • Peyronie’s Disease (Pharmacological, Shockwave and Surgical Therapy)
    • Varicocele
    • Urinary Tract Infection in males and females
    • Urinary Incontinence (Urine Leakage) in all ages for males and females
    • Paediatric Urology (Undescended Testicles, Circumcision)

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