Your path to healthy living

The importance of Family Medicine lies in its all-encompassing definition. It serves the needs of all members of a family or a community, from the young to the elderly, in all areas of health, from everyday health problems such as the common cold and headaches to acute and chronic diseases.

At IBO, our General Practitioners work closely with every patient to learn and understand their history, lifestyle, moods and challenges to use this knowledge to devise treatments and wellness plans for maximum effectiveness. From encouraging routine check-ups as a preventative measure to attending to all forms of serious illnesses, our general practitioners will help you with all your health needs, whether it is advising on the need for a medical check-up or vaccination, treatment of a sudden illness or chronic disease management, routine physicals, screening tests or seeking the opinion of a medical specialist.

We view the patient-doctor relationship as a lasting bond, which needs to be nurtured with guidance and empathy to encourage our patients to live a healthy life. We are committed to helping you get well and stay well.