Specialist radiology and laboratory.

The most effective treatments start with the correct diagnosis – which is why the Radiology and Laboratory Medicine is a central part of the integrative clinical care teams at IBO.

We offer full-service, pathologist-directed clinical laboratory services with unparalleled customer service and use the latest diagnostic technologies and services to detect, monitor and treat disease.

Our dedicated professionals work with your physician to collect and analyze diagnostic tests. Whatever your needs, we take care to make you feel comfortable while offering you the latest, most advanced diagnostic procedures available.

IBO also offers specialist radiology services in all areas of imaging. We are equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment including ultrasound, digital X-ray as well as the latest in filmless digital reporting, image archiving and distribution. Our staff are friendly and accessible, and our technical team highly skilled. We have the most technologically advanced equipment to ensure you get the best in service and treatment.