Skin Treatments

Our lifestyles play a major role in determining the condition of our skin. Excessive sun exposure, dietary choices and indulgences can impact the health and appearance of skin. However, there is a wide range of skin treatment practices available today that work to restore the skin’s appearance to a healthy state, boosting confidence and enhancing self-image.

At IBO, we offer a range of highly effective, precision treatments for skin rejuvenation, administered by our experienced specialists.

Self-enhancement treatments:

  • Collagen induction therapy through Micro-needling with Dermapen and Scarlet.
  • Mesotherapy with cocktail of vitamins, minerals and growth factors.
  • Photo-rejuvenation for sun-damaged skin.
  • Skin resurfacing with CO2.
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).
  • Chemical peel with a wide range of peeling system.

Improvement treatments:

  • Skin whitening.
  • Subcision procedures to smoothen and even out skin.
  • Scarlet procedure to enhance skin smoothness and tone.
  • Derma Pen.