Peeling Treatment

Peeling is a skin resurfacing procedure using chemical, mechanical and laser technologies to correct various skin problems that lead to smoother and younger looking skin.

At IBO, we are fully aware of the truth that every individual’s skin is unique and must be assessed and treated in a customized way. Our dermatology department is committed to offering treatments that are tailored to the patient’s needs and expectations. Before commencing a treatment, our experts provide a thorough explanation on its benefits and leave the decision to the patient. At every stage of the consultation, our experts are available to clarify doubts and address the concerns of the patient. Based on the patient’s skin condition, we tailor the peeling treatments, from superficial, medium to deep peeling.

Peeling procedures:

  • Glycolic & salicylic peeling.
  • PCA peeling.
  • M Line peeling.
  • Yellow peeling.
  • Cold peeling.
  • Sensitive area peeling.