Osteoarthritis: Understand the Common Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatments in Orthopedics

Osteoarthritis is a disease that impacts millions of people globally. It is the most common type of arthritis and occurs when the cartilage that protects the end of the bones wears down with age. Early treatment by an orthopedic doctor can help manage the symptoms and allow you to enjoy a better quality of life. Therefore, we will examine this disorder in-depth in this article. 

What is osteoarthritis?

As mentioned above, it is a form of arthritis that occurs when the protective cartilage around the end of bones deteriorates over time. While the disease can affect any joint, it generally affects the hands, knees, spine, and hips. Its symptoms can be managed; however, the inflicted damage is irreversible. Although, through specific lifestyle changes and early treatment, the progression of osteoarthritis can be slowed down, so you will have reduced pain and better joint function. 

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of this condition develop slowly and become worse over time. Therefore, early detection may be challenging. However, by staying vigilant and keeping track of any potential changes to your joints, you could approach an orthopedics clinic for help before the damage is significant. 

The symptoms of osteoarthritis are as follows:

Pain: The joints that are affected may hurt while you are moving or afterward. 

Tenderness: Your joint may feel soft and tender when you apply pressure to it or somewhere near it. The tenderness will be present even during a light touch. 

Loss of flexibility: Your joint is typically very flexible; however, you will have difficulty moving it through its complete range of motion when this condition is present.

Stiffness: When you wake up or try to move after being inactive, you may notice stiffness in your joints. 

Bone spurs: Extra bits of bones that feel like hard lumps can form around the affected joints. 

Grating sensation: When you move the affected joint, you may feel a grating sense and maybe even hear popping or cracking sounds. 

Swelling: You might see swelling around the joint caused by soft tissue inflammation. 

What are the causes?

The cartilage that cushions the end of bones in your joint gradually wears down due to time. The cartilage is a slippery yet firm tissue that allows you to move your joint without any friction. Thus, bones will rub against each other when it wears down, causing severe pain and further damage. 

Osteoarthritis is often given the moniker ‘wear and tear ‘ disease. Besides the cartilage damage, the condition also affects the complete joint. It causes the deterioration of connective tissues that hold the joint together and changes the shape of the bones. It also leads to inflammation in the joint lining. 

The risk of developing the condition can increase based on your age, sex, weight, previous injuries, and bone deformities, to name a few. In addition, genetics and family history can also make you more vulnerable to have this condition. Therefore, make sure to get tested at a clinic as soon as you notice any symptoms. 

What is the treatment?

Your specialist will provide you with medication to manage the pain that is caused by this condition. To reduce the progress of the disease, you will have to undergo physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around joints and increase flexibility. Regular exercise will also be necessary to help you achieve a healthy weight and reduce pressure on your bones.

If you have difficulty doing everyday tasks, you will be recommended occupational therapy. It will help you find new ways to do them without increasing pressure on your affected joints. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can also provide some short-term relief, especially if your osteoarthritis affects your hips and knees. 

In severe cases, your doctor will recommend orthopedic surgery to realign your joints and lubricate your bones. If the damage is extensive, a joint replacement will be needed. It replaces the affected parts of your joint with metal or plastic substitutes. 

If you suffer from any symptoms relating to osteoarthritis, make sure to visit our clinic in Sharjah and have your joints examined by a specialist. Early detection can slow down the disease progression and help you preserve movement.

Female Health: Reasons Why You Should Consult a Gynecologist

Female reproductive health is not widely spoken in the UAE, and in some families, it may even be considered inappropriate. However, it is essential to a woman’s life and needs to be treated with immense care and importance. Therefore, when you have issues related to female reproductive health, it is wise to consult a gynecologist in Sharjah. We will examine some of the prominent reasons why you should approach them in this article.

To discuss problems with your menstruation.

Menstrual cycles can be different from person to person. While the average cycle for a woman lasts for 28 days, it is entirely normal for it to be between 21 to 40 days apart. However, if there is a problem with your menstruation—it has become irregular, there is excruciating pain, the bleeding lasts for a significantly long time, or there is an extended gap lasting months between your periods— you need to visit a gynecologist immediately. These symptoms could be signs of an underlying reproductive issue. If you ignore them, there is a high possibility of it developing into a severe condition in the future. 

To have breast examinations.

In the UAE, the second principal cause of death among women is breast cancer. It comprises nearly 20% of all cases related to cancer. Therefore, regular examinations of the breasts are essential to detect the disease early and begin treatment so that you have a higher chance of survival.

The disease can occur regardless of a person’s age and has affected women in their twenties and thirties. However, the risk is considerably higher for those above 40 and have a family history of breast cancer. Therefore, it would be best if you have your breasts checked once every six months at our Sharjah gynecology clinic.

To learn how to obtain and use birth control.

Once you are sexually active, you need to use birth control if you do not want a pregnancy. In UAE, abortion is only allowed for specific cases such as danger to the mother’s life or if the baby has a fatal condition. Therefore, if you have an unwanted pregnancy, you will not be able to terminate it. 

Birth control is vital to ensure that you will welcome motherhood when you are ready for it. However, there are various contraceptive methods available with differences in effectiveness and side effects. Therefore, you should speak to a gynecologist and find the one that works best for your body and lifestyle. They will also teach you how to use them properly and where you can obtain them safely so that you will be able to receive the maximum benefit from the contraceptive tool.

Your well-being is your greatest asset, and you should ensure that your reproductive health is at an optimal condition. Regular appointments to see a gynecologist at our clinic in Sharjah is a great way to ensure that any problem is rectified early. 

Q Switch Laser Treatment: The Ultimate Professional Solution For Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a standard procedure that many people with tattoos seek. There are many treatments available, and their effectiveness can vary drastically. However, the best one is Q switch laser treatment. It is a new and highly effective treatment recommended by our aesthetics clinic in Sharjah. And we will examine this procedure in this article.

Why would you want to remove your tattoos?

You might be seeking tattoo removal for several reasons. You may:

  • Regret having the tattoo
  • Lifestyle or attitude has changed
  • Wish to join the military where tattoos are prohibited
  • Explore other clothing choices without displaying the tattoo
  • Not want to be associated with the sign, name, or organization that the tattoo is linked to
  • Not wish to show them to your children
  • Want to remove a faded tattoo
  • Be unhappy with the tattoo artist’s quality of work
  • have changed your view of the tattoo’s meaning

Depending on your reason, you may want to cover your tattoo with another design or opt for removal. If you want the latter, then there are different ways you can achieve it. 

What are the removal methods?

Surgical excision: The surgeons will remove the ink by cutting them out of the skin and stitching the skin’s edges back together.

Topical creams: Over-the-counter products that claim to penetrate the dermis layer and break down the ink at a cellular level. These are notorious for being ineffective. 

Injections: Similar to tattooing, instead of ink, you will be injected with a liquid or gel formula. It can cause severe scarring.

Q switch laser treatment: Using Q switch lasers, a surgeon will target the tattoo pigment to super-heat the ink and make it break into smaller pieces. 

What is Q switch laser treatment?

It is the only treatment that can penetrate the dermis layer of your skin and break down tattoo ink without causing any damage. The skin specialist in Sharjah uses specific intense pulses of light energy to heat the ink until it shatters. These pulses are very powerful but brief; therefore, they will not contact the skin long enough to elicit tissue damage. However, because it is so intense, it instantly breaks into tiny pieces when the ink absorbs the light.

After the treatment, your body will dispose of the shattered tattoo via its normal processes. You will be required to undergo a specific number of sessions until your tattoo has satisfactorily faded.

What are the benefits?

  • The lasers can be adjusted to suit the tattoo that you want to have removed.
  • It is brilliant for removing ink from specific areas without completely removing the tattoo.
  • It is non-invasive and has minimal to no scarring.
  • You will not require any downtime or rest so that you can get back to your schedule after the session. 
  • It can be combined with various other cosmetic procedures. 

If you want your tattoo removed, opt for Q switch laser treatment. It is highly safe and effective. For further information, make sure to contact our clinic in Sharjah, and our specialist will help you. 

Explore The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening With IBO Cosmetic Dentistry

White teeth are one of the most desired cosmetic dentistry procedures in the UAE. They make you appear hygienic and confident while enhancing your overall appearance. However, teeth that are pearly white can be challenging to achieve or maintain naturally. Our diet consists of many types of food that can stain teeth. In addition, as we age, the thinning enamel layer makes the dentin layer below it more visible, causing your teeth to look yellow. The best way to make them appear white again is to undergo a whitening treatment at our dental clinic in Sharjah. This procedure can be incredibly beneficial to your life, and in this article, we will explore how.

You will have a better whitening result.

While there are many over-the-counter products and home treatments that claim they can effectively whiten your teeth. The reality is they are not as effective or as homogeneous as a professional procedure. When we do a whitening treatment for you, we use professional-grade materials and equipment that have been proven to yield excellent results. We can remove tough stains and severe discoloration to help your teeth look even and white. On the other hand, store-bought products will only remove light staining. 

It is quick and reliable.

Using highly effective equipment and materials will take us only one session to whiten your teeth. The results are also reliable, and if you perform the required maintenance routines, they can last for several years. Over-the-counter and DIY products may require multiple uses to yield any result, and they will also not whiten your teeth effectively. If they do work, the results will only be sustainable for a short time, and your teeth will start yellowing again. 

It is safer and more comfortable.

Store-bought products do not adhere to the same quality and safety standards as professional-grade materials. Therefore, the ingredients within them could be potentially harmful. For example, some bleaching agents may burn your gums or cause extreme tooth sensitivity. 

Our professional whitening treatments are much safer and comfortable, as we do not use harsh concentrations of chemicals. We also ensure that your teeth and mouth will be protected during the procedure. Also, our experienced dentist in Sharjah will be administering the treatment and monitoring progress. Therefore, reducing the chance of complications and ensuring your safety and comfort are not compromised. After the session, you will receive tips on reducing tooth sensitivity so that you can take care of your teeth correctly. 

The treatments are customizable.

Store-bought products have a universal approach to teeth whitening. However, they do not take into account the unique needs and conditions of your teeth. Our whitening procedure is highly customizable, and the dentist will ensure that it fits all your requirements and preferences. So, suppose you are susceptible to tooth sensitivity. In that case, our dentist will adjust the treatment so that it will not aggravate the irritation. You can also select a more natural shade of white that fits your appearance instead of solely receiving a bright white. 

Professional teeth whitening treatments are incredibly beneficial for not only your teeth but overall wellbeing. They make you feel confident and can help you smile without any inhibition. Therefore, contact our dental clinic in Sharjah to find out more information on how you can obtain the procedure. 

Cosmetic Dentistry: Choosing The Perfect Shaped Teeth And Colour For Your Face

Cosmetic dental procedures have become increasingly popular in the past few years. You can utilize many different customization options to achieve the perfect smile. However, it would be best to be careful with your selection, as the wrong ones can significantly affect your facial appearance and require corrections. In some cases, dentists may need to do a new procedure which can be expensive. Therefore, choosing the right shape and color for your teeth is crucial, and we will explore how you can do this in this blog.

What are cosmetic dental procedures?

Cosmetic dentistry consists of a wide range of procedures that focus on improving the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. They can also sometimes be used to restore functionalities such as better chewing and an improved bite. 

You can use various cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening, cosmetic correction, and Hollywood smile. In some cases, a combination of them can be used to avail your desired results. They include different facets of dentistry such as bleaching, crowns, veneers, and implants, to name a few. Therefore the shape and color of a person’s teeth can be changed to their liking. However, you need to keep in mind that any customization you do needs to suit your facial features. Otherwise, they can look artificial. 

How to select the color?

It might seem baffling to some, but in dentistry, white encompasses a range of shades. Therefore, whether you want veneers or a whitening procedure, you can select the perfect white that suits your appearance at a dental clinic. When selecting a color, you should make sure that it helps your teeth look bright, healthy, and natural. If it is too white, then your smile will appear unnatural and visually unattractive. 

To select the perfect color, you can use the tips below.

  • It should never be whiter than the sclera; that is the white part of your eyes. 
  • If your skin tone is fair, choose from the whitest shades as the skin would not contrast with natural-toned teeth. Therefore, a lighter color will make your teeth appear more white. 
  • If your skin tone is medium or dark, opt for natural colors as highly bleached shades will have too much contrast and look artificial. 

How to select the shape?

In cosmetic dentistry, the shape of your teeth can be customized according to your needs; therefore, when selecting one, you should be very careful. The wrong choice can make your teeth look unnatural and may cause biting and chewing issues. 

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is the shape of your face. The dimensions of your facial features can significantly affect your smile; therefore, you need to make sure the option you select can provide balance.

  • Oval looks attractive with square-shaped teeth as they help make your face look wider and fuller.
  • Square looks good with rounded teeth as it softens their appearance. 
  • Heart is better suited for round and shorter teeth as it balances their features well. 
  • Round looks best with longer and defined teeth which help make their facial features look narrow. 

If you want cosmetic dental procedures to make your teeth look their absolute best, make sure to come to our dental clinic and consult with a dentist. They will help you pick the right color and shape based on your preferences and what would make you look fantastic. 

Lip & Chin Fillers: An Overview Of The Procedure With Aftercare Tips

A common enemy everyone faces in their lifetime is aging. Our bodies change as we grow older, and these differences tend to be prominent in the face. Some of the prominent signs are lips that become thin, and cheeks that lose their fullness and droop downward. If you are also facing these concerns, then dermal fillers could be the solution you need. Aesthetic clinics highly recommend it to help reduce these symptoms and give a more youthful appearance by providing lift and support. We will examine this procedure and the aftercare you need in this blog.

What are dermal fillers?

They are implants injected beneath the epidermis to smoothen skin and provide volume. They should not be confused with Botox, which freezes the muscles. Most dermal fillers are temporary and will fade away with time, so you need to do the procedure again if you wish to maintain the effect. They are used on various facial features to make them look pronounced; however, cheek and lip fillers are the most popular. 

What are the types of fillers?

There are four main types of fillers, and they are named after the material they are composed of:

Hyaluronic acid

It is an acid that is produced in your body naturally. It is found in your cartilage and skin and is a popular ingredient in skincare products. As it helps the skin hold moisture, it gives your face a plump and hydrated appearance. Fillers made with this substance can provide volume while providing a natural look and will last for six to twelve months.

Calcium hydroxylapatite

It is a mineral present in your bones and, when injected, provides volume and helps project certain facial features. Surgeons commonly use filler for many areas of the face as it is highly biocompatible; therefore, the chance of infection is meager. It is not permanent; however, it will stay prominent for up to 18 months before fading. 

Poly-L-lactic acid

It is a synthetic material that is biodegradable. It was used to make products such as dissolvable stitches and improve contour changes and facial wrinkles. Surgeons inject this acid to create structure and add volume to the face. In addition, this dermal filler stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, thus helping the skin look smooth and supple. Its effects do not appear immediately, but over a few months and the results look very natural. They typically last up to two years. 

Polymethylmethacrylate beads

It is the only kind of filler that your body cannot absorb; therefore, the results are permanent and will not fade. They are primarily used to smoothen wrinkles and plump lips. However, they require many injections to achieve the necessary volume, and it can take up to three months for you to see any effect. It may also be visible under the skin. 

What is the necessary aftercare?

Once the treatment is completed at a medical center, aftercare is compulsory to heal the affected areas properly. The following tips can help you recover well.

  • On the day of the treatment, you need to apply a cool compress for ten minutes every half an hour. 
  • You should avoid any activities that can induce heat for 24 hours. 
  • For the first 48 hours, you need to refrain from applying any pressure on the face. 
  • Do not use active and harsh cosmetic products such as retinol and vitamin C. 
  • Use a topical ointment to soothe the skin. 
  • Avoid any treatment such as facials, waxing, or skin needling. 

Dermal fillers are a great solution to help make your lips, cheeks, and other facial aspects fuller and more youthful. Therefore, if you are interested, contact our clinic for more information. 

How Lack Of Vitamin D Can Put You At Risk Of Serious Diseases

Vitamins and minerals are recognized as essential nutrients. That is because they have a crucial role in multiple functions of the body. For example, they help heal wounds, build bones and even boost the immune system. While there are various types of nutrients, an essential one that we will discuss in this blog is vitamin D. If you lack vitamin D, you might be at risk of having severe diseases that require treatment from a medical center

What is Vitamin D?

It is a nutrient crucial for many different body components, such as the muscle, nervous and immune system. It is also required for your body to absorb calcium. The latter is necessary for building and healing bones. There are three main methods which you can use to obtain vitamin D: by the skin, from a healthy diet, and supplements. 

Through the skin, it is obtained by exposure to sunlight which causes the body to create the nutrient naturally. However, doctors do not recommend staying under the sun for a long time, as it can cause skin aging and cancer. Therefore, it is better to take it from other sources such as dairy products, oily fish, red meat, and egg yolks, to name a few. Suppose you cannot consume the required intake of vitamin D. In that case, most supplements will effectively bridge the gap. 

If you lack nutrients, your health and wellbeing might be at serious risk. Due to how essential the nutrient is, multiple body components can become compromised if there is a deficiency, leading to the development of disorders and diseases. Therefore, you need to visit an Endocrinology doctor for treatment before the insufficiency worsens.

What are the diseases that can occur?


It is a condition that affects a child’s bone development by softening and weakening them. It commonly occurs due to a lack of calcium and phosphorus due to prolonged and extreme Vitamin D deficiency. Its symptoms are painful and can be distressing to a child. They include bowed legs, known as knock knees, thickened wrists and ankles, and a protruding breastbone. They will also have muscle weakness and pain in their pelvis, spine, and legs. In addition, they will have a delay in their growth and motor skills compared to other children.


It is similar to rickets but affects adults. It also involves a softening of the bone tissue. You may not show any symptoms; however, they will start to appear as it progresses. You will feel pain in your bones, joints, and muscles, especially after exercise or heavy movement. Fractures will also become common, particularly in the lower back, hips, and feet. You will find it difficult to walk. And muscle cramps and pins and needles in your hands and feet will become a common complaint. 

Cardiovascular disease

While vitamin D deficiency does not directly cause cardiovascular disease, it does increase the risk for heart attacks, congestive heart failure, strokes, and other conditions related to poor cardiac health, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The exact mechanism that connects the two is not conclusive yet; however, several theories have been proposed. In addition, the presence of vitamin D receptors in the cardiovascular system has also led scientists to believe there could be a correlation between the two. 

If you notice any symptoms of a deficiency, you need to consult an Endocrinologist in Sharjah immediately. They will conduct an examination and blood test to identify if there is a deficiency. Then, they will prescribe supplements containing vitamin D or calcium. This will typically correct the bone issues caused by the disease. In case the skeletal deformities are severe, then corrective surgery might be required. Prevention is ultimately better than treatment; therefore, make sure to include the required intake of vitamin D in your diet.

Mental Health: Shedding Light On The Numerous Mental Disorders Affecting Women

Mental disorders do not affect everyone equally. A little-known fact is that women are more likely to have certain conditions than men. However, our society tends to be ignorant towards these issues. In most UAE households, if you are a female, then you are considered to be the family’s primary caregiver and bear immense pressure and responsibilities. You are also expected to smile through them all and not buckle. This high expectation can affect your mental wellbeing and worsen any existing condition you might have. 

While there is still some stigma against visiting a psychologist or a psychiatrist in Sharjah, the truth is that it can be the most helpful tool to fight against your fears. There is nothing ordinary about a mental health condition. It can be crippling to your mind and impossible to fight alone. Therefore, we will examine some of the most prominent conditions and their impact on your mental wellbeing.


Research has revealed that women are more likely to have this condition than men. Some types are even unique, such as perinatal depression, postpartum depression, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The effect of this disorder can be debilitating to your mind. You will constantly feel sad and hopeless. You will not be able to enjoy activities you loved dearly. You will cry frequently and have sleeping issues. The worst of them all is the persistent thoughts of self-harm and suicide. Without treatment, it can feel like being trapped in a cage with no escape. 

The tragic aspect of this condition is that it does not always need a life event to trigger it. For some people, it can be caused by hormonal changes and other biological issues. Therefore, you need medication from a medical center to be able to fight against the disorder.


It is estimated that globally nearly 264 million people have some form of anxiety because there is a wide range of psychiatric conditions under this term, from phobias to obsessive-compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, a large percentage of that number are women. 

While depression can make you feel continuously sad, this can make you feel extreme fear and nervousness. You would also be prone to sweating, trembling, and hyperventilating when exposed to a trigger. In some cases, the anxiety can be so severe that you will not even step out of your house because of the worry that you might be in danger. 

For this condition, depending on its type and severity, you could need therapy and medication. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most effective and preferred form of treatment. However, in serious cases, it may need to be combined with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. 

Eating disorders

Women tend to fight against body image issues a lot, especially in modern times where beauty standards are narrow and difficult to achieve. Therefore, eating disorders are very common. The cause of the illness can be a combination of biological, psychological, and cultural factors. However, one thing is certain: it can be mentally challenging and dangerous to their physical wellbeing. 

If you suffer from an eating disorder, a common symptom is a preoccupation with food, calories, and nutrition. Your weight will also frequently fluctuate. The most prominent concern of this condition is that the longer it goes without treatment, the more difficult recovery will be. Their physical health will also become significantly compromised. So as soon as symptoms are detected, you need to visit a center for consultation and treatment.

The above conditions can be difficult to endure and not only cause harm to your mental and physical wellbeing but all facets of your life, from relationships to career and more. Therefore, if you believe you might have symptoms of a mental disorder, don’t allow society and stigma to compromise your future. Instead, make sure to visit our clinic in Sharjah and consult a psychiatrist for treatment. 

How Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Plays A Critical Role In Restorative Therapy

Surgeries can put an immense amount of pressure on a person’s body and immune system because of how invasive they are. While some procedures can be minor and do not need restorative therapy, they can be compulsory for more complex ones to help patients return to their everyday lives. Most medical centers recommend that doctors include post-surgical rehabilitation during a client’s restorative therapy for the most effective recovery. We will be examining the reason why in this blog. 

What is restorative therapy?

Before we dive into the topic, it is necessary to understand what precisely restorative therapy is. It is a type of physiotherapy that aims to increase a patient’s mobility and independence. The treatment is commonly used after surgeries that affect joints, limbs, and cartilage to help patients with pain management and regain movement. 

The treatment keeps muscles and joints flexible by reducing stiffness and strengthening them. It uses exercises to help a person do activities essential for their daily lives, such as walking, standing, sitting, repositioning, and moving from one place to another. Therefore, it enables them to stay independent and carry out their day-to-day functions with ease. 

Patients who undergo restorative therapy can become self-confident as they feel a sense of pride and dignity in caring for themselves. They are also less likely to develop sores when the body is in the same position for a long time.

How does post-surgical rehabilitation help?

Post-surgical rehabilitation is a treatment done after a surgical procedure to re-establish muscle strength, joint motion, and function. It does this by putting a manageable pressure on the joints and stimulating the tissue to be repaired. It is quite a lengthy process because it aims to safely increase the workload on the affected parts during the recovery process. 

The treatment is carried out within a short time after the surgery is completed. While some procedures require immobilization, early passive motion can lead to better outcomes in others. As tissues heal and get used to small loads, they will become stronger and more resilient, making it safer and easier for patients to undergo higher-level exercises in restorative therapy. 

It will be impossible to help a person safely do more intense exercise if their body hasn’t recovered enough to support it. In addition, forcing them to do so when their joints and tissues are not adequately repaired after surgery could potentially cause fractures and tears. Also, if post-surgical rehabilitation is not carried out, a person will find it more challenging and painful to do physiotherapy; therefore, they will take longer to recover. 

In some instances, it is crucial to conduct this treatment for a person to gain mobility. For example, that is the case with cartilage surgery which has a complicated recovery process because the tissues need to mature before doing any form of exercise. For this to happen, doctors need to stimulate the tissues using post-surgical rehabilitation techniques. 

After any surgical procedure, the only thing a patient desire is to get back to their usual self. Post-surgical rehabilitation allows this to happen in the safest and fastest way. Therefore, if a person has to undergo surgery, speak to the surgeon and see if this treatment will be available at a physiotherapy center

Allergic VS Non- Allergic Rhinitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Nearly every person in the world will be familiar with rhinitis symptoms even if they have not heard that term. It is characterized by an inflamed or swollen mucous membrane that results in sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. Treatment at a medical center is typically always needed to combat the discomfort. However, it can vary based on the cause. There are two main kinds of rhinitis, and in this blog, we will be examining them in detail.

What are the two types?

As mentioned above, there are two significant types of rhinitis. They are allergic rhinitis and non-allergic rhinitis. As their names indicate, the first is triggered by an allergic reaction to certain elements a person is exposed to; the latter is due to other causes, primarily infections or irritants. Depending on which one is causing the condition, a person will be given different treatments by a general practitioner

What is allergic rhinitis?

It is a widespread medical issue that affects both adults and children; it is estimated that more than 15% of the population may have it. It is also commonly referred to as hay fever, although it neither causes a fever nor is triggered by hay. 

It is an allergic response that occurs when a person is exposed to certain elements. Depending on when it happens and what triggers it, it can be categorized as either seasonal or perennial. The former occurs during spring, summer, or early fall and is caused by a sensitivity to pollen, grass, weed, or mold spores. 

Perennial allergic rhinitis is not time-specific and occurs throughout the year. It is caused by elements that are prevalent across all seasons, such as dust, dust mites, animal fur, or mold spores. Some food allergies such as peanut, egg, and milk can also cause symptoms of this condition. 

A person can experience both kinds of allergic rhinitis, as for some people, perennial symptoms could worsen during specific seasons. 

What is non-allergic rhinitis?

It is when an allergen does not cause the condition. Most times, the reason they occur is due to infection or irritants. When a person becomes exposed to viruses and bacteria, they could fall sick and exhibit rhinitis symptoms, for example, the common cold and flu. Irritants such as smoke, exhaust fumes, air pollution, and paint fumes can also cause the membrane to swell. 

Once a person identifies symptoms, they need to consult their internal medicine doctor. If an illness is to blame for non-allergic rhinitis, it could be contagious. 

What are the symptoms?

Both kinds of rhinitis share core symptoms; however, allergic rhinitis tends to be more severe and cause significant distress when compared to the other. However, it does not usually elicit a fever which may occur with non-allergic rhinitis. Asthma symptoms could also co-occur alongside allergic rhinitis. 

The core symptoms are as follows

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Coughing
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy nose
  • Prickling sensation in the throat
  • Fatigue

What is the treatment?

Antihistamines– It is only given to those suffering from allergic rhinitis. The medication will help reduce the allergic reaction and provide relief. 

Decongestants– These are given to patients suffering from both types of rhinitis. It helps clear the nasal congestion, so it will be easier to breathe. 

Eye drops and nasal sprays – They are given to reduce inflammation and irritation for both types of rhinitis. They are available over the counter or may be given as part of prescriptions. 

Immunotherapy – Doctors prescribe this for those suffering from allergic rhinitis. In the long term, it helps decrease the immune response to exposure to triggering elements. 

Antibiotics – If the rhinitis is caused by infection, a doctor will prescribe antibiotics to help the immune system fight the bacteria or virus causing the illness. 

Rhinitis can cause significant discomfort and, at times, may require hospitalization if left ignored. Therefore, a person should consult a family medicine doctor as soon as they exhibit the symptoms.