Zoom Into Our Dental Clinic in Sharjah For A Stunning Smile!

Having a stunning smile makes you feel better about yourself. From being able to spread positive vibes to feeling confident, a smile can give you great benefits.However, having a beautiful, Hollywood smile may take more effort for some than others. Good news is that dental technology has progressed in the past years, making it easier for you to brighten up your smile!Why is it exactly important to have a great smile? Well, for starters, a smile is what will set you apart from the rest. It gives you the best first impression. Meeting someone new? Going for an interview? Negotiating with a client? Having a stunning smile can greatly affect your image and how people would perceive of you.One of the most common challenges to achieving a bright smile is the staining or yellowing of teeth. Typically, teeth stains are found on the enamel surface or below in the dentin. There are different factors behind discolored teeth;
  • Types of foods (sweets, citrus, acidic food, tomato)
  • Beverages (soda, white wine, tea)
  • Lifestyle choices (smoking)
These factors can result to surface stains, and over time it can discolor the dentin below the enamel. When you have white teeth, it can certainly boost your self-esteem and give you a more youthful look.Today, there are many teeth whitening options available — from over-the-counter whitening strips to bleaching. However, these methods are only able to sustain whitening for a short time, and the degree of whitening is lower. If you are looking for a more lasting and effective solution, then you definitely should try in-office procedures for better dental care like Philips Zoom Professional Whitening.Zoom Whitening is proven to provide optimal and maximum results, and after consulting with your dentist in Sharjah, you can choose the dental treatment that suits you the best. It is a well-known bleaching method that can lighten discolored tooth enamel and dentin. Typically, patients will be required to apply a peroxide gel to the teeth in intervals while it is recommended to apply fluoride paste afterward to reduce the sensitivity.What makes Zoom Whitening an ideal option for people who desire whitened teeth? It’s simply because the process is quick—it only takes about an hour or less.According to successful patients, the results are fast and easy. Additionally, patients feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. In just one session, your teeth can brighten up to eight shades whiter.The bleaching gel can protect your teeth against tough stains caused by the abovementioned factors, but of course, you still must take better care of your oral hygiene. Unlike over-the-counter solutions, Zoom Whitening proves to have lasting results.Along with the many benefits of Zoom Whitening, the fluoride applied to the teeth afterward prevents the patient from sensitivity shortly after the treatment.After the treatment, patients can return for follow-ups and you may also be recommended to use Zoom touch-up kits for maximum results. Zoom Whitening is completely safe and effective, which can give you a healthy smile that you’ll want to show to the world.Visit our dental clinic in Sharjah today to get a brighter and stunning smile! 
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