You Need Immunizations Too: Planning Vaccine Timelines Through Adulthood

It is a myth that immunizations are only necessary among children. Vaccines are equally effective and needed among the older population. With age, the chances of developing diseases increase, yet we tend to pay less attention to our health as we grow up. This can cost us later on in life. Vaccines could drastically increase the longevity of your life, improve your wellbeing and prevent you from acquiring potential diseases. The vaccines you might have gotten as a child have probably worn off by now, which is why it is important to consider what vaccinations you might need to be done again. You should also keep in mind that there are more diseases and vaccines than when you were younger, it is therefore useful to benefit from this medical development.At IBO, we advise our adult patients to get immunizations, just as much as we do with our younger ones. The best pediatricians in Sharjah recommend this, so you should definitely think about the possible vaccines that might be necessary for you.
Some Vaccines You Should Get (and why)
It is important to note that before getting any of these vaccines, you should consult with a medical professional to ensure that the immunizations are needed and that you won’t have any allergies or side-effects to the vaccine. You can schedule a consultation with our doctors in Sharjah through our website.
For All Adults
1. Influenza VaccineThis vaccine protects from the seasonal flu. The flu can have complications and is, therefore, better to avoid, especially with the decreasing immunity that comes with age.2. Tdap VaccineThe Tdap vaccine is one that protects against three bacterial diseases that can come with life-threatening complications. By getting this vaccine, your chances of living a longer, happier life increase drastically.3. Hepatitis A and BHepatitis A and B are two different vaccines against two different infections that can lead to similar liver problems. Both diseases can bring serious or even fatal consequences.
For Young Adults (19 to 30 years old)
1. HPV VaccineThis vaccine protects against the Human Papillomavirus, the most common STD. Cancer is a common complication of the disease, therefore this vaccine is rather crucial.
For Individuals of 50+ Years of Age
1. Shingles VaccineAs its name suggests, this vaccine protects from shingles, a viral infection that can lead to severe complications. With age, our bodies become less able to defend themselves, hence it is best to avoid any chances.
2. Pneumococcal VaccineThis vaccine prevents all illnesses caused by Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria, which causes many sorts of lung diseases that are hard to cure even in a younger body.
What you should know before
Some vaccines can have side-effects if you happen to be allergic to any of its components. This makes it very important to carefully go over the vaccines that are or are not necessary for you with a doctor who will guide you towards the right and safe decisions.
Where can I get vaccinated?
There are many clinics, hospitals and medical centers that provide vaccinations. At IBO, we focus on careful care and consultations for anyone looking to get immunizations. IBO is a medical center in Sharjah and is reputed to have one of the best pediatricians in Sharjah and the UAE. You can reach out to us for any more questions, as well as to book an appointment.
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