What is Laser Hair Removal And How Does It Work

For many people, body hair removal is a routine. Women, more often than men, prefer to remove their body hair for hygiene and aesthetic reasons. For a long time, the only way to get rid of body hair was to wax, thread or shave. However, all these methods had their drawbacks. While waxing is still a popular way of hair removal for many people, regular waxing is known to reduce your skin’s elasticity and make it sag. This is because, during waxing, body hair is separated from the body, making it painful as well as bad for your skin in the long run. Similarly, threading also involves pulling hair strands with a thin thread. Unlike waxing, threading can cover only small sections at a time.Although shaving may seem like a good alternative to all the pulling and pain, improper shaving techniques often lead to a condition called ingrown hair. This is a condition where your hair grows back into the skin, clogging sweat pores and causing a bump on the surface. Ingrown hair may cause infections and have to be pulled out to prevent additional damage to the skin.This is why dermatologists often recommend laser treatment as one of the best options for hair removal. Let’s take a look at what this procedure entails and how it’s better than most other methods.Understanding laser hair removalLet’s start with the basics. Laser hair removal is a pretty popular cosmetic hair removal procedure using a laser beam. During this process, a laser specialist will aim the laser beam at the hair follicle that has to be removed. The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the light, causing it to break and ultimately preventing future growth. Most people require several sessions of laser hair removal to completely stop hair growth on their body. The resulting skin is smooth to touch without any bumps or bruises.Is laser hair removal right for you?If you have thick hair growth on your face, arms, legs, armpits or any other parts of your body, laser hair removal treatment can give you lasting results in just a few sessions. The pain levels of the procedure may vary and depends on the area to be lasered. However, most people experience minimal to no pain. Laser hair removal treatment is safe and has no side-effects, although if you have really sensitive skin, it may cause some irritation and minor disruptions on your skin’s surface. Consult with your dermatologist to know whether this is something to be concerned about or not.Final thoughtsWhile laser hair removal doesn’t get rid of your hair permanently, it greatly reduces its growth. Within the first couple of sessions, you will be able to see drastic changes in the amount of hair growth on your body. Once you complete all your sessions, you can stop shaving and waxing altogether since there will be minimal to no hair growth. Even if there is hair growth, the new hair will be finer and lighter than your original hair.Although cosmetic clinics offer laser hair removal treatment, it is recommended to visit a medical center for a safe laser hair removal procedure. If you want to know whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, consult with one of our dermatologists before opting for the procedure.
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