Understanding Radiology Services And Disease Diagnosis

Doctors play a huge role in our lives. They have plenty of duties and responsibilities to cater to. These doctors have divided into plenty of groups and departments which most people aren’t aware of. One such department that focuses on interpreting and obtaining the medical images is Radiology. At our medical centre in Sharjah, we have some of the best radiologists that have a very high professional rate and a great educational background. They work towards making the best out of their work and provides the patient with great results. Our radiologists in Sharjah are well-trained and has excelled in getting satisfactory results. Who Are Radiologists?A radiologist is a physician or a medical doctor that is trained to specialise in diagnosing and treating disease and injury, using medical imaging techniques. Some of the imaging techniques they focus on are x-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), fusion imaging, and ultrasound which are used in our medical center in Sharjah. We know that there are many physicians and doctors that examine patients, obtain medical histories, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe and treat injury or disease. But a radiologist’s job is to connect your medical image to other examinations and tests. They also recommend further examinations or treatments and has discussions with the doctor who sent you for your exam. Since some of these imaging techniques involve the use of radiation, our radiologists in Sharjah are well trained to understand radiation safety and its protection. How Does A Radiologist Help You?Our Radiologists in Sharjah will play a huge role in your healthcare by helping you in various cases.
  • They are specially trained in treating diseases by means of radiation or minimally invasive, image-guided therapeutic intervention.
  • After conducting medical imaging radiation, they help in correlating medical image findings with other examinations and tests.
  • They are the expert consultant to your referring physician or to the doctor who has sent to the radiologist for examination, by aiding him or her in choosing the proper examination, interpreting the resulting medical images, and using test results to direct your care.
  • They also have the authority to recommend any further examinations or appropriate treatments if it is necessary.
  • They will have a discussion with your physician or a doctor to see if there should be anything else done further, for your betterment.
Some Of The Diagnostic Areas Of Radiology: These are some of the diagnostic specialisations our radiologist in Sharjah can help you through. At our Medical Centre in Sharjah we specialise in are:PACS: This is otherwise known as Picture Archiving And Communication System which is a medical imaging technology that helps in providing economical storage and convenient access to the images from multiple modalities. Ultrasound: The ultrasound imaging which is also called sonograms or sonography or even ultrasound scanning uses high-frequency sound waves to obtain images from inside the human body. Our radiologist uses this technique to obtain clearer results at our medical centre in Sharjah.Digital X-Ray:  With the help of Digital radiography, it uses the x-ray–sensitive plates that directly capture data during the patient examination and then immediately transfers it to a computer system without the use of an intermediate cassette. These are some of the radiology-related specialisations we can help you with our medical center in Sharjah. Do you want to book an appointment today? Call us now.
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