Surprising Benefits Of PRP For Faster Bone Healing

Some medical practitioners believe that the key to faster healing and recovery is in our blood- and quite literally. Although healing is a very individual process- meaning, each person heals and recovers at different rates. Some people may heal faster than others and some may take a little more time to be fully recovered.  Today, there are several pieces of research that involve the efficacy of PRP or platelet-rich-plasma to stimulate and accelerate the body’s ability to heal and recover from injuries. It is also believed that  PRP reduces the pain experienced by patients improves their range of motion after an injury.  Bone fractures are a common occurrence. In fact, in the US alone, over 6 million people break their bones, annually. It comes to no surprise that medical specialists consider PRP as a way to speed up the process of healing for individuals who experience a bone fracture. 
What Is PRP?
 PRP or otherwise known as autologous conditioned plasma is a concentrated platelet-rich plasma that is drawn from the blood. This is usually injected into the body depending on which area is being treated. PRP contains proteins that support cell repair and growth. It is a natural way of speeding up the processing of healing in the body.  
How Is PRP Taken?
 First, blood is drawn from a patient and is placed on a centrifuge. With the use of centrifugal force, the red blood cells are separated from the PRP. When injected in the affected tissue or fracture, the PRP releases growth factors that facilitate healing and increase the volume of reparative cells on a patient’s body.  
How Is PRP Beneficial For Bone Fractures/Injury?
Relatively lower risk of infection
 Since the patient’s own blood is used to extract the PRP,  there is a lesser risk of getting infected. It only means that the body is receiving the same amount and kind of substance (PRP) but only on a specific part ( the damage or injured tissue).   
 While most injuries require surgery for a full recovery, PRP shots are a more cost-effective alternative to those injuries that don’t require going under the knife. PRP is minimally invasive and safe. 
PRP Require Minimal Recovery Time
 Patients who have fractured bones and have gone through PRP therapy usually require significantly less recovery time. It helps the body boost its healing ability. Some bone injuries require physical therapy, and since PRP reduces recovery time, you can get to your physical therapy faster, ultimately contributing to your rehabilitation.  
It’s All- Natural
 Nothing gives comfort to patients than knowing what they are being treated with. PRP is minimally-invasive and safe. It can even alleviate pain suffered by injured patients. Since there are no other chemicals added in a PRP shot, it is guaranteed to be natural and risk-free. 
Ask Your Orthopedic Doctor
 If you wish to learn more about how PRP can help in speeding up the process of bone healing, you can always talk to our specialists at the medical center in Sharjah. Get the best and most effective way to a faster recovery with PRP. 
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