Secrets To An Effective Winter Facial Skin-Care Routine

Having good skin is a sign of good health. This is why taking good care of it is important. There a several skincare products available in the market today, each with its own function. One thing is certain, skincare products have one common goal-to maintain healthy skin. The change in weather can have several effects on our skin. During the summer, the warm temperature exposes us to a lot of elements, including dust. Humidity levels could go so high making our bodies produce sweat to cool down. Throughout the summer season, our skin produces more oil making our face prone to breakouts, pimples, and irritation. On the other hand, the winter brings in drier and colder air which puts our skin at risk of becoming irritated, chapped and extremely dry.This explains why we should adapt our skin care regimen depending on the season we are experiencing. While thicker clothes can protect the rest of our bodies from the harsh winter weather, our faces are more exposed to the elements. If you live in Sharjah, temperatures during the winter can be very harsh, leaving your skin excessively dry. Having a facial treatment at a Medical Center in Sharjah can give your face the right nourishment and boost protection against the harsh winter elements. Let’s take a look at some points to keep in mind to have an effective facial skin care routine for the coming winter season.  Sun ProtectionThe temperature can be relatively cooler during winter, but you can still be at risk from sun exposure as much as during the summer.  Although basking in the sun can be beneficial during the early hours of the morning since it activates Vitamin D which is good for the body, it is always better to avoid direct exposure from the sun during its peak time. The wind may be cooler and less humid, but you get the same exposure. A good sunscreen is indispensable for an effective facial skin care regimen. Make sure to get the right amount of SPF that will work for your needs. If you work in the field, it is advisable to carry an umbrella or wear a hat for added sun protection. Wash Your Face DailyOne golden rule in taking care of your face is to wash it daily-especially before going to bed. A person’s skin type can vary from sensitive, dry, oily skin which is why different types of facial wash are available in the market. Others are comfortable in using regular body soaps to wash their faces but these may contain chemicals that can irritate the face.For women who wear makeup during the day, it is crucial to wash the face every night without fail, before sleeping. Makeup can clog up the pores that may cause irritation, breakouts, and pimples. Whether its summer or winter, washing the face is vital in maintaining healthy skin. Moisturize Moisturizing the skin is important during the winter, wherein the air could be very dry. Keeping your face moisturized will make it healthy and less prone to dryness or oiliness and eliminate the chance of developing skin conditions brought upon by the change in weather. In the winter, it is advised to opt for a moisturizer that’s more rich and emollient. Lip balms are also essential to keep the lips from chapping due to the lack of moisture. Before going to sleep, applying a facial toner can be applied before using a moisturizer, to help restore the skin’s ph level after washing. HydrateMoisturizing from outside is not enough. Keep yourself hydrated during the winter season. Drinking enough water can not only keep your skin cells healthy, but it could improve your immune system as well as it is essential to function of cells, organs, and tissues. Not drinking enough water can leave your skin dehydrated and prone to wrinkling and premature aging.  Dry skin is less resilient and very susceptible to irritation. Include Facial TreatmentsFor optimum facial skin care, it is important to get facial treatments regularly. Medical Centers in Sharjah like IBO, offer facial treatments that can help rejuvenate the face. Not only can the dermatologist in Sharjah analyze your skin, the proper facial treatment can be determined as well.  Facials are like a workout for the skin, it makes it healthy, keeps it properly nourished and helps it stay youthful-looking, even in the harshest temperatures may it be summer or winter. Take good care of your skin, and pay us a visit at our Medical Center in Sharjah and talk to our dermatologist now.
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