Safeguard Your Child’s Health With Regular Paediatrician Visits

For any parent, ensuring your child’s health and wellness is a top priority. Some parents are too careful when it comes to getting their children for treatments. Of course, as a parent, you’d want the guarantee that your child is under safe, expert hands.If parents would visit a paediatrician, they’d want someone who can take care of their child as if the doctor’s taking care of his or her own. This is why some parents are doubtful about consulting with a paediatrician, because who else can better care for their child but themselves?While there’s nothing better than a parent’s care, it’s still recommended to always seek expert advice. The best option for your child’s healthcare is a dedicated paediatrician. Below are the reasons why is it important to trust a paediatrician for your child’s health:As children are prone to different illnesses, they would need to see a specialist doctor. Children have various medical needs and each one requires different medical treatment. In fact, children are more vulnerable to environmental risks because of the following:
  • Children, as they’re growing, breathe more air, consume more food, and drink more water than adults do. This means an increased risk of contaminated substances.
  • Children still have to develop their central nervous, immune, and digestive systems.
  • Young children who crawl on the ground can be exposed to accumulated dust and chemicals on floors.
  • Unlike adults, children are unaware of health risks and unable to make choices to protect themselves.
A paediatrician has in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience of common childhood problems, immunizations, growth, and development. Consulting with a paediatrician in a hospital in Sharjah covers the following;
  • Keeping track of child’s growth and development
  • Wide experience in general and subspecialty paediatrics
  • Good experience in the routine neonatal care and comprehensive medical screening and diseases
  • Growth and development supervision and evaluation
  • Immunization and vaccines follow-up
  • Counselling about children nutrition
  • Diagnosis and management of acute and chronic illness in children based on scientific knowledge
  • Educated in preventative care
Paediatric visits make up as a crucial part of your child’s developmental stages. If your child is healthy and is not susceptible to any diseases, it is still important to have them for at least an annual consultation with a paediatrician. The child specialist will conduct vision and hearing screenings, immunizations, and professionally address to other childhood concerns.By seeing a professional, parents can be worry-free about their children receiving a specialised care and treatment with a paediatrician. It is good to remember that they are dedicated and focused on children’s wellness and overall healthThe pediatric department covers the general clinical and scientific areas in pediatrics. We at Ishaq Bin Omran Medical Center in Sharjah have created ambience in the pediatric which suits the parents and children alike.
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