Regenera Activa: How To Reduce Hair Loss With This World-Renowned Restorative Treatment

Hair loss—also known as alopecia—can affect a person in more ways than one might think. It not only decreases the quantity of hair they have, but it also has devastating effects on an individual’s level of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-image. Thus, the scientific community has conducted much research into solutions for the condition. As a result of which, many treatments have been introduced in clinics in Sharjah. One of them is Regenera Activa.

What is it?

It is a new treatment that is used for certain types of alopecia. It is not a surgical procedure and has been proven to be highly effective in stimulating hair growth and reducing hair fall. 

Regenera Activa works by stimulating hair growth through the method of regeneration therapy. A doctor extracts stem cells from the patient’s hair and then uses them to enhance the number of progenitor cells. This process is crucial as these cells replace old or dead ones and can be used to repair the hair from its root. 

What is the procedure?

Unlike many other hair loss treatments, Regenera Activa is a swift process and will not take longer than an hour. In addition, it can be done in a clinic and is not a surgical process; therefore, one need not stay overnight in the hospital.

There are typically three steps involved and are as follows.

Step 1

The doctor will inject a local anesthetic to the back of the scalp. This location is important as it where the healthy cells and hair follicles are. Once the area is numb, they will extract tiny samples—each one will usually be around 2.5mm in diameter—from it. The procedure is entirely painless because of the anesthesia.

Step 2

The collected samples will be processed by a special device that isolates them into many cells with regenerative properties. The cells will then be included in a solution.

Step 3

The doctor will inject the solution using microneedles into the scalp region that has hair loss and thinning. Doing this will stimulate the follicles to begin the regeneration process. 

Once the treatment is done, a patient will experience some levels of discomfort. The sites used for the sampling process will also need roughly a week to heal. There are no side effects for the treatment; however, a patient can take mild painkillers in case there is pain. Furthermore, their daily lives will not be affected. They can resume their activities as soon as the procedure is completed. 

What are the benefits?

It is proven to be effective.

Much research has been carried out to affirm its effectiveness, and they have concluded that it does indeed reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth. However, it has to be noted that it is not effective as a sole solution for severe bald patches. 

It helps the hair return to its usual cycle.

For people with alopecia, their hair cycle is not like a typical person’s. While there is hair fall, there is not enough growth to compensate for the loss. The treatment helps stimulate regrowth, thereby restoring the cycle to how it should be. 

It can be combined with other treatments.

It is a highly safe procedure and can be combined with other forms of treatment to achieve even more noticeable results. 

There is no downtime.

As the procedure is not that invasive, a person can return to their everyday life immediately after it is over.

It is quick

Some treatments can take multiple sessions a year, but Regenera Activa is only done once annually. The procedure is also quick and typically lasts for 30 to 45 minutes. 

A person can fight against hair loss and gain back self-confidence with Regenera Activa. If one wishes to do this innovative treatment, one can consult a specialist at a medical center in Sharjah.

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