Q Switch Laser Treatment: The Ultimate Professional Solution For Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a standard procedure that many people with tattoos seek. There are many treatments available, and their effectiveness can vary drastically. However, the best one is Q switch laser treatment. It is a new and highly effective treatment recommended by our aesthetics clinic in Sharjah. And we will examine this procedure in this article.

Why would you want to remove your tattoos?

You might be seeking tattoo removal for several reasons. You may:

  • Regret having the tattoo
  • Lifestyle or attitude has changed
  • Wish to join the military where tattoos are prohibited
  • Explore other clothing choices without displaying the tattoo
  • Not want to be associated with the sign, name, or organization that the tattoo is linked to
  • Not wish to show them to your children
  • Want to remove a faded tattoo
  • Be unhappy with the tattoo artist’s quality of work
  • have changed your view of the tattoo’s meaning

Depending on your reason, you may want to cover your tattoo with another design or opt for removal. If you want the latter, then there are different ways you can achieve it. 

What are the removal methods?

Surgical excision: The surgeons will remove the ink by cutting them out of the skin and stitching the skin’s edges back together.

Topical creams: Over-the-counter products that claim to penetrate the dermis layer and break down the ink at a cellular level. These are notorious for being ineffective. 

Injections: Similar to tattooing, instead of ink, you will be injected with a liquid or gel formula. It can cause severe scarring.

Q switch laser treatment: Using Q switch lasers, a surgeon will target the tattoo pigment to super-heat the ink and make it break into smaller pieces. 

What is Q switch laser treatment?

It is the only treatment that can penetrate the dermis layer of your skin and break down tattoo ink without causing any damage. The skin specialist in Sharjah uses specific intense pulses of light energy to heat the ink until it shatters. These pulses are very powerful but brief; therefore, they will not contact the skin long enough to elicit tissue damage. However, because it is so intense, it instantly breaks into tiny pieces when the ink absorbs the light.

After the treatment, your body will dispose of the shattered tattoo via its normal processes. You will be required to undergo a specific number of sessions until your tattoo has satisfactorily faded.

What are the benefits?

  • The lasers can be adjusted to suit the tattoo that you want to have removed.
  • It is brilliant for removing ink from specific areas without completely removing the tattoo.
  • It is non-invasive and has minimal to no scarring.
  • You will not require any downtime or rest so that you can get back to your schedule after the session. 
  • It can be combined with various other cosmetic procedures. 

If you want your tattoo removed, opt for Q switch laser treatment. It is highly safe and effective. For further information, make sure to contact our clinic in Sharjah, and our specialist will help you. 

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