Oral prophylaxis: Scale & Polish Your Teeth For A Perfect Smile

A good oral hygiene regimen is important for maintaining healthy teeth. However, sometimes, brushing and regular flossing aren’t enough to maintain a healthy smile. To prevent the teeth from further damage caused by dental problems such as gingivitis, tartar, and periodontal disease, one needs to do more than the routine oral hygiene practices. Oral prophylaxis is a dental procedure performed to thoroughly clean the teeth and eradicate infection-causing bacteria found around the gum line. To perform this kind of procedure, dentists at our clinic utilize special ultrasonic-powered scalers to remove stains and tartar deposits from the teeth while ensuring that your gum line remains unhurt.  So if you are considering getting oral prophylaxis, you should endeavor to visit the best dental clinic in Sharjah. Now, let’s dive into the benefits of oral prophylaxis and why you should consider having it to improve and/or maintain your smile.  Prevents Gum Disease and Tooth Decay: As you already know, gum diseases and tooth decay are commonly caused by plaque build-up. When you allow your teeth to accumulate plaque and tartar deposits, it may lead to bacteria invasion of your jaw bones and enamel of the teeth, leading to gingivitis and other advanced gum diseases such as periodontal gum disease, receding gums, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.  While maintaining proper oral hygiene may help to prevent this from happening, brushing and flossing aren’t always effective for completely eradicating plaque from the teeth. Prophylaxis is vital to ensure that plaque is completely eradicated from your teeth.  Decreases the Risk of Infection: Bad dental health has been identified to be a culprit for some life-threatening diseases such as diabetes. Therefore, maintaining good dental hygiene is a sure way to reduce the risk of suffering from some of these diseases. ¬†Also, regular dental checkups and oral treatments such as prophylaxis can help to detect any signs or symptoms of other medical conditions.  Improves Your Breath: Bad breath also known as halitosis is commonly caused by poor oral hygiene practices, including irregular flossing which allows excess food debris to decay in the mouth. Other culprits include gum infections, swollen gums, tooth decay, and so on. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure that you maintain a healthy oral hygiene practice. If you are beginning to witness any sign of oral infection or just want to avoid it entirely, getting dental prophylaxis is very important.  Also, oral prophylaxis can help to restore your teeth back to its childhood glory by getting rid of the noticeable stains, allowing you to smile with confidence once again. Who Is This Treatment For? Everybody needs oral prophylaxis, at least twice a year. For patients with severe periodontal issues, going for treatment at least 3 to 4 times in a year is recommended, in order to stop the disease from doing more damage.  Oral Prophylaxis is also recommended for children, to help them maintain a healthy smile while growing up.  If you have questions about oral prophylaxis or interested in getting treatment from the best dental clinic in Sharjah, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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