Is Sinusitis Bothering You: Time To Visit Your ENT Specialist

Most of you might have suffered from a stuffed nose at least once in your life. Stuffy nose is one of the symptoms of having a common cold. When you have a common cold, your sinus cavities, which are hollow air spaces within the bones behind your eyes, cheekbones and forehead are filled with mucus, causing the stuffiness. But in some people, this stuffiness can be quite common and irritating, leading to headaches and facial pain. This condition, called the sinusitis often require medical attention. If you suffer from frequent headaches due to sinusitis, it’s time to visit your ENT Specialist in Sharjah. So what made your sinuses go bad? The problem is not with the sinus cavities themselves. They produce the mucus to help protect your body from allergens that enter through the nasal cavity’. However, there are certain situations that aggravate the condition other than common cold –
  • If you are highly allergic to dust or pollen or anything in the environment, it can lead to a block in the sinus passages. The sinuses will not drain in that case, causing pain.
  • Sometimes, a bottleneck blockage can occur in the transition space inside your sinus, which cases the mucus to back up.
  • In rare cases, people have an extra sinus, which narrows the transition space.
  • In many people, due to genetics or an injury, the nasal septum, which is the thin wall of bone and cartilage that separates the two nasal passages is deviated or off to one side. This causes one nasal passage to be smaller than the other. This is also known to cause constant sinusitis.
Your ENT specialist in Sharjah can prescribe medications to control these symptoms. There are also a few methods to control your symptoms. Methods to prevent sinusitis 
  1. If you suffer from frequent nasal blockage and pain, apply a warm, moist cloth to your face several times a day to open up the transition spaces. You must also drink a lot of water, which can thin the mucus.
  2. Inhaling steam can also open up the transition spaces. Alternatively, you can also sit in a bathroom with the hot shower running.
  3. Your ENT Specialist might prescribe you a nasal spray. Use it several times a day when you have a nasal blockage.
  4. Dryness can intensify your sinusitis condition. So, use a humidifier in your room to moisten the air you breathe. This can help open up the sinuses.
  5. If you are highly allergic to pollutants, use antihistamines and decongestants as prescribed by your ENT specialist in Sharjah.
 If your sinus problems recur too often, your doctor might suggest a surgery to clean and drain your sinuses. Consult your ENT Specialist in Sharjah today to treat your sinusitis effectively. 
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