Have A Summer-Ready Skin With Hydrafacial

The scorching heat that comes with the summer season can take a toll on our facial skin.  Our faces are exposed to the harsh elements whenever we step outside. It’s only essential to take care of our faces by using products to protect us from the sun- such as sunscreen. 

Sun exposure can also cause premature aging. Sun damage causes the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Protecting your skin from the devastating effects of the summer season doesn’t need to be complicated.  Several steps can be taken to ensure your skin is glowing radiant and healthy- just in time for the summer season. 

How Do HydraFacials Work?

HydraFacials are perfect for getting your skin ready for the summer. This revolutionary skincare produces quick and lasting results.  Hydrafacial works for all skin types and is the best solution to hydrate your skin.  

HydraFacials start with cleaning the face. This is achieved by removing the dead skin cells and sebum on the face, making it appear brighter and lighter.  After cleaning the skin’s surface, a glycolic and salicylic acid mixture gently loosens the dirt and oil trapped inside its pores. 

The third step involves lifting impurities such as blackheads and dirt off the skin through a HydraPeel tip. Finally, nourishing serums hydrates the skin making it supple, smooth, glowing, and looking youthful. Here are a few reasons you should get yourself a Hydrafacial. 

Treats A Multitude Of Skin Conditions

Hydrafacial does not only nourishes and hydrates, but it is also useful in helping address different kinds of skin problems, including acne, signs of aging, blackheads, and dark spots. This treatment effectively tightens the pores and makes the skin appear brighter, clearer, and reinvigorated. 

Works For All Skin Types 

This treatment is safe and effective as it is designed to work for all skin types. Individuals with sensitive skin will not have a problem with HydraFacial since it is gentle on the skin’s surface. Additionally, specialists can customize the blend of serums used to make the treatment specifically effective in addressing your skin’s needs. 

Zero Discomfort & Zero Downtime

Hydrafacials are like light massages on the skin. It is non-invasive and has zero downtime. There are no side effects such as redness and swelling after the treatment compared to traditional facials. You can easily apply makeup directly after your HydrdaFacial.  And it only takes less than an hour to complete. 

Manages The Appearance Of Wrinkles

You can talk to your dermatologist for a customized HydraFacial that can effectively manage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Infusing clinically proven peptides to the facial further enhances its effectiveness and successfully improves the face’s texture, minimizing aging signs. 

Getting a younger-looking, glowing skin has never been easier with HydraFacials.  Get the youthful summer glow with the help of our expert dermatologists in Sharjah. If you want to learn more about the benefits of HydraFacial,  reach out to us at IBO- Sharjah’s trusted medical center. Discover more facial treatments by visiting us today. 

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