Facilities Available At The Medical Center in Sharjah

Staying healthy is not just about being disease free. It is about being physically and emotionally well enough to go about in our day to day life. Unfortunately, this is not always easy. This is where the IBO Medical Center in Sharjah can help you out. Our Medical Center is less like a traditional hospital and more like an integrated medical center, which can help you find a solution to a number of physical and wellness issues. So let us take a look at the facilities provided by IBO Medical Center in Sharjah and how they can help make your life better- Internal Medicine For Better LivingOur Medical Center in Sharjah offers our patients comprehensive care to manage long time medical conditions effectively. Our health risk assessment programs and lifestyle counselling services are a class apart and help individuals live a better life. We emphasise on regular check-ups and diagnosis to treat and manage chronic medical conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Sleep disorders, Cardiovascular issues, Thyroid issues and Allergies. We also provide men’s healthcare programs to help male patients deal with their unique issues. Our focus is directed on aiding our patients in leading a healthier life through constant care and support. Caring For ChildrenIBO Medical Center has some of the best paediatricians in the country who are experts in childcare practices. Our general and subspecialty services focus on general healthcare and disease management as well as other childcare methodologies like child nutrition, immunization and growth supervision. We also facilitate neonatal care and preventive care measures to help children and young parents to maintain healthy living. Women’s HealthOne of our major departments at IBO Medical Center is the gynaecology and obstetrics practices. As one of the most trusted care providers, our team of experts provide dedicated clinical programs which include antenatal and postpartum care, fetal medicine, general gynaecological treatments, urology and pelvic health, osteoporosis care and sexual and reproduction care and counselling. We believe in educating women of today to take care of their physical health through good lifestyle practices. Smile Better With CareIBO Medical Center is a proud healthcare provider who has a modern dental care facility, equipped with all the latest machines and technology. Our expert dentists in Sharjah work diligently at all time. Our all comprising dental healthcare practices include periodontics, Endodontics, Implant dentistry, oral prophylaxis, orthodontics, surgical apicoectomy and much more. We believe in providing the best oral care treatments to help our patients sustain their beautiful smile. Aesthetic Wellness RedefinedOur Medical Center in Sharjah is one of the few trusted providers of aesthetic programs in the country. These treatment programs are aimed at making you look and feel good. The aesthetic wellness programs include laser hair removal, scar revision, dermal fillers facial rejuvenation, nutrition and non-surgical liposuction. Our experts assess your situation and suggest the best possible solution to all your body issues. General HealthcareAt IBO Medical Center, we manage acute cases of respiratory, gastric and urinary issues in their initial stages and refer the right patient to the right clinic as required. Our general healthcare services include follow up on patients needing additional healthcare assistance. We educate our patients and facilitate necessary treatments in collaboration with dedicated hospitals and experts. Best Diagnostic ServicesOur laboratory and radiology departments are one of the well equipped and best in the country expertly managed by our technicians. We do a comprehensive study of our patient’s situation and diagnose the condition at the least possible time, with the help of these diagnostic servicesWithout doubts, the IBO Medical Center in Sharjah is one of the best primary healthcare providers in the country. For all your healthcare needs, contact us for quality care and expert diagnosis, treatment and opinions.
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