Do The Five: Help Stop Coronavirus

Today, we are facing a global pandemic that has taken the lives of several people from across the globe. Now, more than ever is the time to employ healthy precautionary measures to ensure we are safe from getting infected. The World Health Organization has urged governments to take action in fighting the spread of novel-corona virus or COVID19. As of writing, medical research facilities are currently developing a vaccine and effective medication to cure the infected. But until then, people should observe proper hygiene practices to curb infection. Here are 5 things you can do to contribute to flattening the curve of COVID19 infection according to WHO.
Stay At Home
There’s no safer place than your home right now. Stay at home as much as you can and only leave when it’s absolutely necessary to do so. This for when you need to go to the grocer’s or pick something up at the pharmacy. There are several home delivery apps you can download in your mobiles to prevent you from stepping outside. In the event wherein a family member goes out, ensure to let them wear face masks and gloves as a precaution. By the time they get home, wash their clothes immediately and encourage them to step into the shower. 
Keep A Safe Distance
Practice social distancing and avoid going to crowded places. You can get infected with COVID19 once you can come in contact with an infected person or touch a surface with the virus. It is better to keep a safe distance when going out and avoid touching your face at lost cost. The virus can enter through your nose, eyes, and mouth.
Wash Your Hands Often
Practice frequent washing of your hands especially in between activities, If you work in essential jobs such as food establishments, make sure to wash your hands as often as you can. Follow the 20-second rule and thoroughly wash every corner of your hands from the spaces between your fingers, your nails, down to your palms. This will ensure that your hands are clean at all times. 
Cover Your Cough
When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with your elbows. Immediately sanitize yourself if you’re in public. Covering your mouth prevents germ, bacteria, and viruses from spreading. Hand sanitizers are small so you can carry it around with you when you go out.  Also covering your mouth means that you respect the people around you. The CDC or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that the elbows are the best germ catcher. 
Sick? Call Ahead
Cities have their own set of rules to follow when it comes to medical emergencies. If you feel sick and are exhibiting symptoms of COVID9, it is best to contact your hospital immediately, if you live in the emirate of Sharjah or nearby, you can always call a medical center in Sharjah for your inquiries. Keep track of your symptoms and be transparent when it comes to the people you came in contact with. Stay in touch with your doctor to get the best possible medical care. 
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