Diagnostic Radiology: How Does It Help You?

With the advent of new technologies in the medical space, doctors have a lot of option to diagnose a disease condition. While some of these techniques are invasive, others are non-invasive and exploratory. Diagnostic radiology at IBO medical center in Sharjah is a perfect example of this. What is diagnostic Radiology? Diagnostic Radiology and imaging is a set of medical techniques which uses non-invasive images to diagnose a patient of his or her condition. The tests usually direct low doses of radiation at the patient to create a highly detailed image of a particular body part. The special imaging equipment used specifically for this purpose is available at the radiology center in Sharjah. Some of the most common diagnostic radiology examples are X-rays or radiography, Computed Tomography (CT) scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scans, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine Scans. These are commonly used to identify a number of health issues and conditions like heart and brain conditions, blood clots, gastrointestinal issues, orthopaedic issues and lung conditions. Apart from diagnosis, diagnostic radiology can also be used to effectively monitor current treatment responses like in the case of oncology (cancer) treatments. Radiology Technology There are various technology and machinery involved in radiology diagnostic procedures. While most of them use radiation to make the images, some of them do not. At IBO’s radiology center in Sharjah, the latest machines that adhere to the latest technologies available in the medical field are effectively used for diagnosis.  Some of these are –
  • X-ray Machine: The X-ray machine uses electromagnetic radiation to produce images of the interior of your body. As a non-invasive method of diagnosis, X-rays are prescribed for identifying orthopaedic issues as well as lung conditions.
  • Ultrasound: As the name mentions, it uses sound waves for imaging. Usually used for gastrointestinal and oby-gyn conditions.
 Why radiology?Radiology’s imaging technology often guide many medical procedures as well as a diagnosis by eliminating the need for surgery. As one of the most prefered diagnostic field of medicine, radiology plays a key role in helping experts make their treatment decisions. At the radiology center in Sharjah, we have highly specialized radiologists with training to perform the radiology procedures safely and accurately and thereby aid in the doctors in diagnosis and treatment.
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