Customized Nutritive Treatments With IV Therapy

Each one of us has different needs, especially when it comes to managing our nutritional deficiencies. While there are over the counter food supplements available, it makes a difference to follow a specialized treatment to address your health’s specific issues. For instance, you can take vitamin C tablets to help boost your immune system. 

To address nutritional deficiencies, we often improve our diet to incorporate nutrient-rich foods. Today, intravenous therapies are growing popular for individuals who are looking for an instant boost of vitamins and minerals in their systems. Your internal medicine doctor can help you out immensely in this case. 

A Celebrity  Secret

One thing that celebrities, models, and socialites have in common- their glowing and clear complexion. Their secret? Intravenous therapy or commonly known as IV Drips. IV therapy is known to deliver the benefits of taking in essential nutrients orally in the manner of injecting them directly into the bloodstream. 

Celebrities often find it challenging to keep their lifestyles in check because of their busy schedules and rely on oral supplements. But with the advent of  IV therapies, many personalities have benefited from personalized IV drips tailored to their needs. 

Benefits Of IV Therapy

Since the concoction of vitamins and minerals are introduced directly into the bloodstream and straight to the cells, IV therapy has the potential to offer a wide range of benefits to the different organs inside the body.  Some of its remarkable benefits are listed below. 

Glowing Skin 

IV therapies can be customized to provide the right vitamins and minerals to promote soft, glowing skin. Drips specially formulated for this purpose are perfect for anyone wanting to have their skin reinvigorated after a tiring or a stressful week.

Better Wellbeing

By receiving the right amount of nutrients in your body, you can promote better bodily functions, resulting in improved health and well being. Oral supplements are digested in the stomach, and metabolic processes reduce its efficacy.   With IV therapy, nutrients are 100% available for the body to use. 

Strengthens Your Immune System

IV therapies deliver nutrients that are known to boost the immune system and improve its function. IV drips prepare the body against different diseases by providing the necessary antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to fight off illnesses such as the common cold.  Additionally, when you’re feeling under the weather, IV therapy can make you feel better.

Can Aid In Weight Loss

While IV therapy is not a solution to weight loss, certain nutrients can be added to your IV drip to further break down fat in your body’s stubborn areas. IV therapy is best added to an existing dietary plan to make the most of its effectiveness. Vigorous exercise lets individuals lose specific vitamins and minerals. IV therapy helps supply these lost nutrients back into the body.                                                

Receive your customized IV therapy tailored to your needs. Whether it is to address a nutrient deficiency, recover from illness, or boost your immune system, IV therapies from IBO, a medical center in Sharjah, are effective and convenient. Book an appointment with our internal medicine specialists to help you get the best IV drip treatment possible.                 

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