Away With The Unwanted Hair – Laser Hair Removal in Sharjah

Having unwanted hair on your face and body can be aesthetically unappealing and can be a cause of embarrassment at times. If you are an individual who has a lot of unwanted hair on your body, spending a lot of time waxing, shaving, tweezing and threading, then maybe laser hair removal in Sharjah is just what you need. Laser hair removal is a unique technique which focuses highly concentrated light on your hair follicles, which causes the hair pigments to absorb the light. This causes the hair follicles to get destroyed, making the unwanted hair fall off your body. Laser hair removal is extremely precise and can effectively remove unwanted hair from your face, arms, back, underarms, legs, bikini areas and other areas of your body. The BenefitsLaser hair removal in Sharjah is a very popular procedure to remove unwanted hair permanently. These highly precise laser light can remove even the most corse and dark hair without damaging the skin around the follicle. It is also a fast and accurate procedure, with the laser taking less than a fraction of second to destroy the hair follicles in an area. The time it takes for the procedure also varies depending upon the area under treatment. For instance, larger areas like back and legs will take up to an hour, but smaller areas like upper lips can be treated in less than a minute. You can easily get rid of all your unwanted hair permanently in an average of three to seven sessions. Preparing For The ProcedureAlthough the procedure may seem pretty simple, it is, in fact, a medical procedure with potential risks. This is why it is always recommended to visit a medical center in Sharjah for your laser hair removal treatment as they will have expert doctors who can perform the procedure in a very safe environment.Prior to your laser hair removal in Sharjah, you will be asked to limit all other hair removal procedures like waxing and shaving for at least 6 weeks. It is easier to target the hair follicles with the laser when the hair whole and healthy.Your doctor will advise you not to get direct sunlight for 6 weeks before and after the treatment, as it can nullify the effects of your treatment or cause complications. The procedureAs mentioned before, the procedure is simple and can be completed quickly depending upon the area targeted. So here are the steps to the laser hair removal procedure in Sharjah-
  • The hair is trimmed to a few millimetres above the skin
  • The laser machine is calibrated to the colour of your hair, its thickness and the area of the body that is being treated.
  • The skin is covered with a cold gel for heat protection
  • An initial light pulse is given on the skin to check for a reaction
  • If there is no negative reaction, the procedure continues till all the hair in the area is removed
  • Post-procedure, the skin will be massaged with anti-inflammatory creams and cold compress backs for soothing and easing any discomfort.
  • The next session will be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks from the current date of procedure and will be continued till hair growth stops completely.
 Possible RisksBlisters occur rarely and are mostly seen in people with a darker skin tone. Further, it is recommended that you should wear a sunscreen with good PFA number while out in the sun to prevent skin tanning.  Recovery TimeFor the first two days after your laser hair removal in Sharjah, your skin will look sunburned. For easing any discomfort associated with the procedure, use a cold compress and moisturise throughout the day. Once your skin is free of redness and devoid of any blisters, you can start wearing makeup.So, are you convinced about trying the procedure yet? Consult a laser hair removal specialist in your favourite medical center in Sharjah today for more details. 
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