Ishaq Bin Omran Medical Center (IBO) is an integrated multi-speciality health care center dedicated to providing outstanding care and attention to patients. Our mission is to provide superior personal care, provide tailored treatments and enhance the quality of life of every patient and their families. Built on a land of over 350,000 sq ft. with builtup are of over 120,000 sq. ft., Close to Sharjah airport with easy access to main highways, IBO is located in Al Qarayen, in the heart of new Sharjah. The area around is being invigorated with new developments with major upcoming residential projects – Tilal City, Nasma City, Zahia, etc.

Each patient is unique, and our caregivers’ knowledge of innovative treatments is enhanced by their compassion for patients and their families – their devotion to maintaining the highest standards of care. We will put our patients ‘first’ and therefore deliver better healthcare more efficiently.

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IBO promises to offer a comprehensive range of medical and dental services with internationally recognised patient pathways and standards of care. IBO brings together a highly qualified team of experienced Clinicians, specialists in their fields to provide quality healthcare in an integrated system to the highest international standards with onestop solutions for consultation, diagnosis, treatment, therapies, procedures, laboratory, pharmacy and diagnostic imaging services to clients, all under one centre.

We offer a comprehensive range of multispecialty outpatient clinical services:

  • General Practitioner Services
  • Comprehensive Woman & Child Center of Excellence
  • Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology
  • General and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Internal Medicine

“Ishaq bin Omran” Medical Center is named after a historical figure in the field of medicine who was born and raised in Baghdad, and lived in the 9th Century A.D.

An invaluable contributor to the field of medicine, Ishaq bin Omran received his education in medicine, pharmacy and philosophy, at a time when sciences were flourishing and spreading in an unprecedented manner. His deep interest and commitment to the study of medicine made him famous in Africa. He is truly considered to be the first Arabic physician in the city of Kairouan (Tunisia) from a historical perspective.

Credited with the spread of medical science and philosophy in Morocco and the whole of Africa, he was a skillful physician and famous for blending compounds and medications.

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He was known to be insightful in differentiating diseases, their symptoms, causes and cures.He is the author of numerous books on medicine and the sciences. He also taught medicine simultaneously.

His books cover a variety of subjects including The Individual Medications Book, Element Book, “Al Tammam on Medicine”, an article on Ascites, a brief article on things that are a cure for diseases, a book on “Nuzhat al-Nafs” [Stroll of the Soul] that talks about philosophy, an article on melancholy, a book on “Phlebotomy”, on “pulse”, on colitis problems and explanation of its medication, a book on urine, a book on “Managing acute diseases” and many others.

“Ishaq Bin Omran” was most famous for his book on “Melancholia”. He was forward thinking for his time in that he did not consider psychosomatic disorder and melancholy in particular as a type of madness or a way of jinn control over human being as believed by his contemporary counterparts; rather, he looked at it differently. It is one of the oldest books that we have, and was translated into Latin by the African Constantine, and has been used as a main reference in the West for centuries to treat melancholy disorder. It is noticed that many of his treatises on health rules are still used and valid until today. Sadly, most writings of “Ishaq bin Omran” were lost in the sands of time which leaves us deprived of the knowledge this great physician may have left for us, except for his famous book on Melancholia.

“Ishaq bin Omran” is believed to have died in the city of Kairouan in AD 907.

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