Osteoarthritis: Understand the Common Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatments in Orthopedics

Osteoarthritis is a disease that impacts millions of people globally. It is the most common type of arthritis and occurs when the cartilage that protects the end of the bones wears down with age. Early treatment by an orthopedic doctor can help manage the symptoms and allow you to enjoy a better quality of life. Therefore, we will examine this disorder in-depth in this article. 

What is osteoarthritis?

As mentioned above, it is a form of arthritis that occurs when the protective cartilage around the end of bones deteriorates over time. While the disease can affect any joint, it generally affects the hands, knees, spine, and hips. Its symptoms can be managed; however, the inflicted damage is irreversible. Although, through specific lifestyle changes and early treatment, the progression of osteoarthritis can be slowed down, so you will have reduced pain and better joint function. 

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of this condition develop slowly and become worse over time. Therefore, early detection may be challenging. However, by staying vigilant and keeping track of any potential changes to your joints, you could approach an orthopedics clinic for help before the damage is significant. 

The symptoms of osteoarthritis are as follows:

Pain: The joints that are affected may hurt while you are moving or afterward. 

Tenderness: Your joint may feel soft and tender when you apply pressure to it or somewhere near it. The tenderness will be present even during a light touch. 

Loss of flexibility: Your joint is typically very flexible; however, you will have difficulty moving it through its complete range of motion when this condition is present.

Stiffness: When you wake up or try to move after being inactive, you may notice stiffness in your joints. 

Bone spurs: Extra bits of bones that feel like hard lumps can form around the affected joints. 

Grating sensation: When you move the affected joint, you may feel a grating sense and maybe even hear popping or cracking sounds. 

Swelling: You might see swelling around the joint caused by soft tissue inflammation. 

What are the causes?

The cartilage that cushions the end of bones in your joint gradually wears down due to time. The cartilage is a slippery yet firm tissue that allows you to move your joint without any friction. Thus, bones will rub against each other when it wears down, causing severe pain and further damage. 

Osteoarthritis is often given the moniker ‘wear and tear ‘ disease. Besides the cartilage damage, the condition also affects the complete joint. It causes the deterioration of connective tissues that hold the joint together and changes the shape of the bones. It also leads to inflammation in the joint lining. 

The risk of developing the condition can increase based on your age, sex, weight, previous injuries, and bone deformities, to name a few. In addition, genetics and family history can also make you more vulnerable to have this condition. Therefore, make sure to get tested at a clinic as soon as you notice any symptoms. 

What is the treatment?

Your specialist will provide you with medication to manage the pain that is caused by this condition. To reduce the progress of the disease, you will have to undergo physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around joints and increase flexibility. Regular exercise will also be necessary to help you achieve a healthy weight and reduce pressure on your bones.

If you have difficulty doing everyday tasks, you will be recommended occupational therapy. It will help you find new ways to do them without increasing pressure on your affected joints. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can also provide some short-term relief, especially if your osteoarthritis affects your hips and knees. 

In severe cases, your doctor will recommend orthopedic surgery to realign your joints and lubricate your bones. If the damage is extensive, a joint replacement will be needed. It replaces the affected parts of your joint with metal or plastic substitutes. 

If you suffer from any symptoms relating to osteoarthritis, make sure to visit our clinic in Sharjah and have your joints examined by a specialist. Early detection can slow down the disease progression and help you preserve movement.

Female Health: Reasons Why You Should Consult a Gynecologist

Female reproductive health is not widely spoken in the UAE, and in some families, it may even be considered inappropriate. However, it is essential to a woman’s life and needs to be treated with immense care and importance. Therefore, when you have issues related to female reproductive health, it is wise to consult a gynecologist in Sharjah. We will examine some of the prominent reasons why you should approach them in this article.

To discuss problems with your menstruation.

Menstrual cycles can be different from person to person. While the average cycle for a woman lasts for 28 days, it is entirely normal for it to be between 21 to 40 days apart. However, if there is a problem with your menstruation—it has become irregular, there is excruciating pain, the bleeding lasts for a significantly long time, or there is an extended gap lasting months between your periods— you need to visit a gynecologist immediately. These symptoms could be signs of an underlying reproductive issue. If you ignore them, there is a high possibility of it developing into a severe condition in the future. 

To have breast examinations.

In the UAE, the second principal cause of death among women is breast cancer. It comprises nearly 20% of all cases related to cancer. Therefore, regular examinations of the breasts are essential to detect the disease early and begin treatment so that you have a higher chance of survival.

The disease can occur regardless of a person’s age and has affected women in their twenties and thirties. However, the risk is considerably higher for those above 40 and have a family history of breast cancer. Therefore, it would be best if you have your breasts checked once every six months at our Sharjah gynecology clinic.

To learn how to obtain and use birth control.

Once you are sexually active, you need to use birth control if you do not want a pregnancy. In UAE, abortion is only allowed for specific cases such as danger to the mother’s life or if the baby has a fatal condition. Therefore, if you have an unwanted pregnancy, you will not be able to terminate it. 

Birth control is vital to ensure that you will welcome motherhood when you are ready for it. However, there are various contraceptive methods available with differences in effectiveness and side effects. Therefore, you should speak to a gynecologist and find the one that works best for your body and lifestyle. They will also teach you how to use them properly and where you can obtain them safely so that you will be able to receive the maximum benefit from the contraceptive tool.

Your well-being is your greatest asset, and you should ensure that your reproductive health is at an optimal condition. Regular appointments to see a gynecologist at our clinic in Sharjah is a great way to ensure that any problem is rectified early. 

Q Switch Laser Treatment: The Ultimate Professional Solution For Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a standard procedure that many people with tattoos seek. There are many treatments available, and their effectiveness can vary drastically. However, the best one is Q switch laser treatment. It is a new and highly effective treatment recommended by our aesthetics clinic in Sharjah. And we will examine this procedure in this article.

Why would you want to remove your tattoos?

You might be seeking tattoo removal for several reasons. You may:

  • Regret having the tattoo
  • Lifestyle or attitude has changed
  • Wish to join the military where tattoos are prohibited
  • Explore other clothing choices without displaying the tattoo
  • Not want to be associated with the sign, name, or organization that the tattoo is linked to
  • Not wish to show them to your children
  • Want to remove a faded tattoo
  • Be unhappy with the tattoo artist’s quality of work
  • have changed your view of the tattoo’s meaning

Depending on your reason, you may want to cover your tattoo with another design or opt for removal. If you want the latter, then there are different ways you can achieve it. 

What are the removal methods?

Surgical excision: The surgeons will remove the ink by cutting them out of the skin and stitching the skin’s edges back together.

Topical creams: Over-the-counter products that claim to penetrate the dermis layer and break down the ink at a cellular level. These are notorious for being ineffective. 

Injections: Similar to tattooing, instead of ink, you will be injected with a liquid or gel formula. It can cause severe scarring.

Q switch laser treatment: Using Q switch lasers, a surgeon will target the tattoo pigment to super-heat the ink and make it break into smaller pieces. 

What is Q switch laser treatment?

It is the only treatment that can penetrate the dermis layer of your skin and break down tattoo ink without causing any damage. The skin specialist in Sharjah uses specific intense pulses of light energy to heat the ink until it shatters. These pulses are very powerful but brief; therefore, they will not contact the skin long enough to elicit tissue damage. However, because it is so intense, it instantly breaks into tiny pieces when the ink absorbs the light.

After the treatment, your body will dispose of the shattered tattoo via its normal processes. You will be required to undergo a specific number of sessions until your tattoo has satisfactorily faded.

What are the benefits?

  • The lasers can be adjusted to suit the tattoo that you want to have removed.
  • It is brilliant for removing ink from specific areas without completely removing the tattoo.
  • It is non-invasive and has minimal to no scarring.
  • You will not require any downtime or rest so that you can get back to your schedule after the session. 
  • It can be combined with various other cosmetic procedures. 

If you want your tattoo removed, opt for Q switch laser treatment. It is highly safe and effective. For further information, make sure to contact our clinic in Sharjah, and our specialist will help you. 

Explore The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening With IBO Cosmetic Dentistry

White teeth are one of the most desired cosmetic dentistry procedures in the UAE. They make you appear hygienic and confident while enhancing your overall appearance. However, teeth that are pearly white can be challenging to achieve or maintain naturally. Our diet consists of many types of food that can stain teeth. In addition, as we age, the thinning enamel layer makes the dentin layer below it more visible, causing your teeth to look yellow. The best way to make them appear white again is to undergo a whitening treatment at our dental clinic in Sharjah. This procedure can be incredibly beneficial to your life, and in this article, we will explore how.

You will have a better whitening result.

While there are many over-the-counter products and home treatments that claim they can effectively whiten your teeth. The reality is they are not as effective or as homogeneous as a professional procedure. When we do a whitening treatment for you, we use professional-grade materials and equipment that have been proven to yield excellent results. We can remove tough stains and severe discoloration to help your teeth look even and white. On the other hand, store-bought products will only remove light staining. 

It is quick and reliable.

Using highly effective equipment and materials will take us only one session to whiten your teeth. The results are also reliable, and if you perform the required maintenance routines, they can last for several years. Over-the-counter and DIY products may require multiple uses to yield any result, and they will also not whiten your teeth effectively. If they do work, the results will only be sustainable for a short time, and your teeth will start yellowing again. 

It is safer and more comfortable.

Store-bought products do not adhere to the same quality and safety standards as professional-grade materials. Therefore, the ingredients within them could be potentially harmful. For example, some bleaching agents may burn your gums or cause extreme tooth sensitivity. 

Our professional whitening treatments are much safer and comfortable, as we do not use harsh concentrations of chemicals. We also ensure that your teeth and mouth will be protected during the procedure. Also, our experienced dentist in Sharjah will be administering the treatment and monitoring progress. Therefore, reducing the chance of complications and ensuring your safety and comfort are not compromised. After the session, you will receive tips on reducing tooth sensitivity so that you can take care of your teeth correctly. 

The treatments are customizable.

Store-bought products have a universal approach to teeth whitening. However, they do not take into account the unique needs and conditions of your teeth. Our whitening procedure is highly customizable, and the dentist will ensure that it fits all your requirements and preferences. So, suppose you are susceptible to tooth sensitivity. In that case, our dentist will adjust the treatment so that it will not aggravate the irritation. You can also select a more natural shade of white that fits your appearance instead of solely receiving a bright white. 

Professional teeth whitening treatments are incredibly beneficial for not only your teeth but overall wellbeing. They make you feel confident and can help you smile without any inhibition. Therefore, contact our dental clinic in Sharjah to find out more information on how you can obtain the procedure.