Customized Nutritive Treatments With IV Therapy

Each one of us has different needs, especially when it comes to managing our nutritional deficiencies. While there are over the counter food supplements available, it makes a difference to follow a specialized treatment to address your health’s specific issues. For instance, you can take vitamin C tablets to help boost your immune system. 

To address nutritional deficiencies, we often improve our diet to incorporate nutrient-rich foods. Today, intravenous therapies are growing popular for individuals who are looking for an instant boost of vitamins and minerals in their systems. Your internal medicine doctor can help you out immensely in this case. 

A Celebrity  Secret

One thing that celebrities, models, and socialites have in common- their glowing and clear complexion. Their secret? Intravenous therapy or commonly known as IV Drips. IV therapy is known to deliver the benefits of taking in essential nutrients orally in the manner of injecting them directly into the bloodstream. 

Celebrities often find it challenging to keep their lifestyles in check because of their busy schedules and rely on oral supplements. But with the advent of  IV therapies, many personalities have benefited from personalized IV drips tailored to their needs. 

Benefits Of IV Therapy

Since the concoction of vitamins and minerals are introduced directly into the bloodstream and straight to the cells, IV therapy has the potential to offer a wide range of benefits to the different organs inside the body.  Some of its remarkable benefits are listed below. 

Glowing Skin 

IV therapies can be customized to provide the right vitamins and minerals to promote soft, glowing skin. Drips specially formulated for this purpose are perfect for anyone wanting to have their skin reinvigorated after a tiring or a stressful week.

Better Wellbeing

By receiving the right amount of nutrients in your body, you can promote better bodily functions, resulting in improved health and well being. Oral supplements are digested in the stomach, and metabolic processes reduce its efficacy.   With IV therapy, nutrients are 100% available for the body to use. 

Strengthens Your Immune System

IV therapies deliver nutrients that are known to boost the immune system and improve its function. IV drips prepare the body against different diseases by providing the necessary antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to fight off illnesses such as the common cold.  Additionally, when you’re feeling under the weather, IV therapy can make you feel better.

Can Aid In Weight Loss

While IV therapy is not a solution to weight loss, certain nutrients can be added to your IV drip to further break down fat in your body’s stubborn areas. IV therapy is best added to an existing dietary plan to make the most of its effectiveness. Vigorous exercise lets individuals lose specific vitamins and minerals. IV therapy helps supply these lost nutrients back into the body.                                                

Receive your customized IV therapy tailored to your needs. Whether it is to address a nutrient deficiency, recover from illness, or boost your immune system, IV therapies from IBO, a medical center in Sharjah, are effective and convenient. Book an appointment with our internal medicine specialists to help you get the best IV drip treatment possible.                 

Help Stop Sleep Apnea With These Proven Tips

According to an article from Gulf News, approximately less than half a million people suffer from sleep apnea in the UAE- that’s a third of the country’s population. Sleep apnea can occur to anyone regardless of age.

Medical professionals point out that the body’s anatomical predisposition and genes can influence the occurrence of sleep apnea. Obesity is also a significant cause of this sleep disorder. Individuals who have sleep apnea may experience low quality or disruptive sleep. 

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects one billion people worldwide.  This sleeping disorder often goes undiagnosed and can be a severe and life-threatening condition. While anyone can be affected by it, the prevalence of sleep apnea in men is higher. 

This sleep condition causes an individual to have an obstructed breathing pattern- often stopping breathing for short intervals during sleep. This causes them to take in less oxygen, forcing the body to wake up gasping for air. 

Snoring Vs. Sleep Apnea

ENT specialists at IBO point out that not all individuals who snore have sleep apnea. However, snoring is a crucial factor in diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA occurs when there are pauses in between snores that signify a loss of breath. On many occasions, OSA sufferers are unaware of their condition, often believing that they have a regular sleep cycle only to experience its harmful effects during the daytime. 

Individuals who have OSA often have restless nights and experience excessive daytime sleepiness and lack of focus and concentration.  There are also different degrees of OSA depending on its severity. 

Here are some tips to help stop sleep apnea. 

Lose Weight

There is a correlation between obesity and sleep apnea. Lifestyle factors such as an unbalanced diet and poor sleep hygiene are associated with obesity and, consequently, OSA. According to ENT specialists, losing weight can help reduce sleep apnea. Of course, this should be accompanied by a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Change Your Sleeping Position 

ENT doctors suggest altering one’s sleep position to improve the sleep quality of OSA sufferers. A study indicated that OSA cases are often dependent on an individual’s sleeping position. People who sleep on their backs experience worse symptoms than those who sleep on their side. 

Surprisingly, children who have OSA showed improved slumber when sleeping on their backs. It is best to consult and speak to ENT specialists to determine the best sleeping position for your sleep apnea.

Improved Lifestyle

Smoking and alcohol can have drastic effects on sufferers of OSA. Cigarette smoking can increase the swelling of the upper airway, further worsening inflammation. Similarly, alcohol can affect the muscle behind the throat that can obstruct airflow when sleeping. Limiting the intake of alcohol and cigarettes helps in alleviating OSA. 

See An ENT Specialist 

OSA does not only affect you but the people around you as well. Consulting with an OSA treatment expert will give you access to the support needed to improve your sleep. If left untreated, OSA can cause several other problems such as heart disease and heart failure. There are several treatment options available for OSA sufferers. ENT doctors can help you find the best one that suits your needs. 

Have A Summer-Ready Skin With Hydrafacial

The scorching heat that comes with the summer season can take a toll on our facial skin.  Our faces are exposed to the harsh elements whenever we step outside. It’s only essential to take care of our faces by using products to protect us from the sun- such as sunscreen. 

Sun exposure can also cause premature aging. Sun damage causes the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Protecting your skin from the devastating effects of the summer season doesn’t need to be complicated.  Several steps can be taken to ensure your skin is glowing radiant and healthy- just in time for the summer season. 

How Do HydraFacials Work?

HydraFacials are perfect for getting your skin ready for the summer. This revolutionary skincare produces quick and lasting results.  Hydrafacial works for all skin types and is the best solution to hydrate your skin.  

HydraFacials start with cleaning the face. This is achieved by removing the dead skin cells and sebum on the face, making it appear brighter and lighter.  After cleaning the skin’s surface, a glycolic and salicylic acid mixture gently loosens the dirt and oil trapped inside its pores. 

The third step involves lifting impurities such as blackheads and dirt off the skin through a HydraPeel tip. Finally, nourishing serums hydrates the skin making it supple, smooth, glowing, and looking youthful. Here are a few reasons you should get yourself a Hydrafacial. 

Treats A Multitude Of Skin Conditions

Hydrafacial does not only nourishes and hydrates, but it is also useful in helping address different kinds of skin problems, including acne, signs of aging, blackheads, and dark spots. This treatment effectively tightens the pores and makes the skin appear brighter, clearer, and reinvigorated. 

Works For All Skin Types 

This treatment is safe and effective as it is designed to work for all skin types. Individuals with sensitive skin will not have a problem with HydraFacial since it is gentle on the skin’s surface. Additionally, specialists can customize the blend of serums used to make the treatment specifically effective in addressing your skin’s needs. 

Zero Discomfort & Zero Downtime

Hydrafacials are like light massages on the skin. It is non-invasive and has zero downtime. There are no side effects such as redness and swelling after the treatment compared to traditional facials. You can easily apply makeup directly after your HydrdaFacial.  And it only takes less than an hour to complete. 

Manages The Appearance Of Wrinkles

You can talk to your dermatologist for a customized HydraFacial that can effectively manage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Infusing clinically proven peptides to the facial further enhances its effectiveness and successfully improves the face’s texture, minimizing aging signs. 

Getting a younger-looking, glowing skin has never been easier with HydraFacials.  Get the youthful summer glow with the help of our expert dermatologists in Sharjah. If you want to learn more about the benefits of HydraFacial,  reach out to us at IBO- Sharjah’s trusted medical center. Discover more facial treatments by visiting us today. 

An Overview Of The Common Food Intolerances

Not everyone can enjoy certain types of food. Some people have food allergies that may even be life-threatening. On the other hand, some individuals have food intolerances that can otherwise be managed effectively with proper lifestyle and prescription. Our internal medicine specialists at IBO, a medical center in Sharjah, provide us with an overview of food intolerance. 

Understanding Food Intolerance

Several people often confuse food allergies and intolerance. While both are concerned with the foods that an individual consumes and symptoms can also be somewhat similar, their difference lies in the body’s response. Food allergies involve the immune system, while it is the digestive system for food intolerances.

As mentioned above, the body’s response to food intolerance takes place in the digestive system. An individual experiences intolerance when the digestive system cannot adequately breakdown specific kinds of food. The inability to digest food properly can stem from enzyme deficiencies. In addition, certain foods can contain additives and naturally-occurring chemicals that a person’s digestive system can be sensitive to.  

Common Symptoms Of Food Intolerance

With food intolerances, the symptoms can take time to manifest, unlike food allergies, where the effect is instantaneous. Its symptoms also vary from one person to another. These can include stomach aches, nausea, and migraine. The onset of these symptoms can occur within hours of consuming. Surprisingly, the effects of food intolerances may take up to 48 hours before it starts emerging. 

Here are the usual symptoms that people with food intolerance experience.

  • Vomiting 
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas, bloating and Cramps
  • Non-itchy Rashes or Hives

Causes – Common Food Intolerances

As previously discussed, enzyme deficiencies, the body’s aversion to food additives, and some foods’ chemical composition can cause food intolerance. Here are the most common ones. 

  • Lactose intolerance

Dairy products are sources of lactose- a type of sugar found in milk. Lactase is the body’s enzyme that breaks down lactose. Individuals become lactose intolerant when their bodies do not have enough lactase to digest lactose. 

  • Gluten intolerance

The protein commonly found in barley, wheat, and rye is called gluten. Intolerance to wheat can often be confused with celiac disease, a type of gluten allergy involving the immune system. Some people have a mild sensitivity to gluten- a condition called non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Adhering to a gluten-free diet is best when managing gluten intolerance.

  • Egg

For several people, eating eggs can cause them an upset stomach. Individuals who are intolerant to egg can either be sensitive to the egg white, the yolk, or both.  Its effects are not life-threatening. People can outgrow their egg intolerance by eliminating it for weeks and reintroducing it again to the diet. 

  • Soy-Based Food

People who are lactose intolerant often get soymilk as an alternative. Soy is an excellent source of protein.  However, some individuals are soy intolerant. Several foods contain soy within their ingredients, so it’s essential to read the label if you’re unsure. Often, soy-intolerant people have no problem with consuming foods with highly refined soy oil, of course, with proper guidance from an internal medicine specialist.

You May  Be Unaware That You’re  Food Intolerant 

Half of the people around the world who have food intolerance mistakenly believe that they experience food allergies. A proper diagnosis from an internal medicine doctor is fundamental to be advised on the right diet and lifestyle to manage your food intolerance properly. 

At IBO, we offer food intolerance tests to enable individuals to make better decisions with their food. If you’re interested in getting tested for food intolerance or allergies, you can consult with our specialists today.